Wake Up Better, to Healthier and More Productive Mornings

Say good bye to stress inducing phone alarms and sneaky snooze buttons that keep you stuck in bed and feeling groggy every morning.

Say hello to Ruggie 2, the alarm clock that gets you out of bed effortlessly, stress free, so you can reclaim your valuable time, energy, and mental well-being!

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    We Believe Good Days Must Start with Good Mornings

    How we start the day is important! It sets the stage for where the day goes, and by extension where our life goes over time. 

    We understand the morning struggle… Getting out of bed sounds easy, but our brains seek the path of least resistance, and we end up snoozing, scrolling, stressed and struggling… despite our best efforts.

    That’s why we created Ruggie 2, a revolutionary alarm clock that helps you get out of bed stress free, giving you the winning edge of a flawless morning routine, so you can have more good mornings and achieve more with your life.

    How Bad Alarm Clocks Hijack Your Mornings

    60% press snooze multiple times a day

    Sleep experts agree snoozing only makes us feel more groggy! It messes up our internal clock, so we feel tired throughout the day. 

    89% check phones when they wake up

    Excess screen time leaves us feeling drained and depleted. Phones are great for connecting and work, but not ideal for the moment we wake up.

    Nobody should have to suffer from designs that make life more difficult 

    Take Back Your Mornings with Ruggie 2.0
    We've Been Making Headlines...
    Elevating Your Morning Experience is Our Mission
    Effortlessly Get Out of Bed, Free from Frustration.

    Gone are the days of needless decisions! Decisions on whether to scroll your phone, hit the snooze button, or muster the willpower to get up.  Ruggie eliminates those frustrating choices, you will effortlessly start your day on the right foot, and take back your precious morning time.

    Reclaim Your Precious Time

    If we can help you get up just 5 minutes earlier, assuming you live to 80, you would have gained 100 days to your life.

    Never Lose to The Snooze Button Again

    What feels like a harmless snooze can often end up being a vicious snooze cycle we struggle to fight out of. That terrible experience of regret, and the anxiety from being late, rushing out the house will be a thing of the past.

    Defeat The Snooze Forever

    People lose their mornings to the snooze button every day, Ruggie is your weapon in winning this battle

    Reclaim Your Mental Clarity to Focus

    By ditching the phone alarm, you’ll take back control of your mornings. Phones are designed to lure us into to mindless scrolling into other people’s agenda, taking away the focus and awareness we desperately need for our own life and happiness.

    Ditch The Morning Phone Alarms

    Stop those addictive devices from hijacking your half awaken brain in the morning.

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    We’re launching Ruggie 2 soon! Sign up for details and discounts!

      Starting Your Day With Ruggie 2.0
      Powerful Speakers to Ensure Your Wakefulness

      Ruggie houses one of the most powerful speaker on the market. Louder than your phone on full blast! The highest volume setting can emit sounds up to 120 decibels. Combined with the option of 3 classic blaring alarm options, together they can wake up even the heaviest of sleepers, ensuring nothing important will be overslept again.

      Wake Up Gradually to Calm Nature Sounds

      Ruggie comes with over 10 tailor-made alarm songs, designed to wake you up peacefully, composed of nature sounds such as birds singing, river flowing, campfire crackling, chimes in the wind, all mixed with a peaceful piano melody. You can be sure you won’t be jolted awake again (unless you want to, Ruggie can do that too!)

      Rise Up on an Incredibly Soft Surface to Stop The Alarm

      Ruggie needs to feel your pressure for at least 3 seconds before its alarm turns off. Ensuring the first thing you do, is put your feet on the ground. Helping you get out of bed with ease and comfort. (The 3 seconds can increase up to 60 second)

      Come Alive and Seize The Day

      Standing up to the sound of your alarm will become a new and natural habit. You’ll gain minutes to your days, days to your weeks, and weeks to your years. Early rising will become easy, and this is truly a life changing routine! As the saying goes, the early birds get the worm!

      “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man wealthy, healthy and wise”
      – Benjamin Franklin
      Effective, Minimalistic and Looks Great in Any Room.

      Not only is Ruggie a highly effective alarm clock, it is also minimalistic in more ways than one. It’s bright LED display also works as a nightlight, turning on at a touch, and turns off completely so you can have undisturbed sleep. It’s beautiful Zen garden inspired design will also be sure to compliment any bedroom.

      We've Helped Transform Over 35,000 People's Mornings
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      “Life-changing. Seriously, I could never wake up. I can have whole conversations in my sleep, sleep with every overhead light on, in any noises.”

      - Meredith
      Saved my career
      Saved my career
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      “The hours I work are unholy. I was 2 minutes late to work twice, my seniors were breathin fire and just despised me for this. Ruggie may have just saved my career.”

      - Marshall
      Made my mornings mine
      Made my mornings mine
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      “Made my mornings mine. I used to struggle to get up in the morning. The Ruggie has given me the gift of time in the morning.”

      - Tom
      Helping You Conquer The Mornings, So You Can Do More.

      Most alarm clocks don’t care about your morning experience, they only do one thing, emit a sound at the time you wish to wake up.

      They actually make it difficult to start the day, often failing you, with tempting and easy to press snooze buttons, or annoying apps to keep you scrolling around while you lay in bed, struggling to get up.

      We understand the morning struggle, because we too have suffered from it. It doesn’t need to happen, and it stops us from having the life changing early morning routines we’ve all heard about.

      That is why in late 2015, we invented Ruggie®. The alarm clock that helps you conquer your mornings, and actually gets you out of bed. Its the most practical and effective alarm clock, because it only asks you to do what you naturally want to, getting your feet on the ground.

      Since then, we’ve helped over 35,000 people in over 95 countries! With all the years of experience and customer feedback, we’re back better than ever, with Ruggie® 2.0. Sign up now and be first to get yours!

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      We’re launching Ruggie 2 soon! Sign up for details and discounts!

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