About Us

About Us


Serving people in over 70 countries every morning, Ruggie helps people wake up earlier and easier to their best self. The inception of the Ruggie idea began back in early 2015, and was successfully crowd funded the year after with the help of the Kickstarter & Indiegogo community, along with the support and attention from the global media.


Ruggie exists to help people wake up to their best self.


We’re happy to be improving people’s mornings in over 70 countries. Join the movement!


Hello, I’m Winson Tam the inventor of Ruggie, the world’s best alarm clock (in my opinion).

That’s me with the lab coat on, I’m not really a scientist… they made me wear that thing at the factory where Ruggie’s brains are made.

I’m not a very good reader, but I’m very good at listening. And I’ve listened to every single self-help book I can get my hands on at Audible.com. And in doing so, I discovered we all have the potential to achieve what we truly want in life, if we have the right mindset.

Ruggie was invented to help people wake up to this potential, to their best self. It’s a lofty goal, but I think starting every day with positivity can create an upward spiral to change a person’s mindset for the better.

That is actually something I learned in Chapter 4 of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. Check it out if you haven’t… it’s one of my favorite books.

Anyway, if you’re on the journey of self mastery and still chasing your alive and kicking dreams… I wish you best of luck in the world,  and may Ruggie assist you along the way… It was invented for you.

Thanks for dropping by!

Winson Tam

Founder & Foot Model @ Ruggie

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