Ruggie™ Alarm Clock

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(25 customer reviews)

Ruggie™ Alarm Clock

Start everyday like a champion with Ruggie™! Win your mornings every day, by getting out of bed right when the alarm sounds, a task millions struggle to do every morning. Seriously, over 1/3rd of all adults snooze over 3 times a day! This takes a major toll on our life’s effectiveness while draining our limited and valuable time. Also, snoozing has been scientifically proven to only make us feel groggier, compared to if we just got up in the first place! So what are you waiting for? Let’s beat the snooze once and for all, and start waking up like a champ!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Express Worldwide Shipping Available
  • 30 Days Easy Return
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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What’s in the Box (Ruggie, User Guide, USB Cable)

Incredibly Soft Fleece

Slow Rebounding Memory Foam

Touch Activated LED Display

Ultra Durable Interior Casing

Anti-Slip Rubber Bottom

Extremely Effective & Loud

Ruggie is perfect anyone who has struggled with the snooze button. With sounds ranging from 90-120 decibels, it’s like a blender going off in your bedroom! It’s the ultimate solution for heavy sleepers! Of course, it comes with a volume setting for people who want to opt for a calmer wake up experience.

Defeat the Snooze Once and For All

Not only is Ruggie one of the loudest alarm clocks on the market, it needs to sense your pressure for 3 seconds to stop the alarm. If 3 seconds isn’t enough, you can prolong it up to 30 seconds! Most people’s automatic wake up response is reaching for the snooze button, but with Ruggie? Yours will become feet on the ground!

Wake up with Positive Vibes & Motivation

Upload custom mp3’s to greet & motivate your daily after you’ve stopped your alarm! Wake up everyday to positive vibes, affirmations that put you in a positive mood. While most wake up to their smart phones, waking up to social media notifications. You’ll be up and looking at life in a new perspective!

Incredibly Soft & Comfortable 

The incredibly soft and fluffy fabric on Ruggie is wrapped around slow-rebounding memory foam. Not only is Ruggie a revolutionary alarm clock, It’s outer cloud like rug will be the most comfortable thing you’ll lay your feet on in the morning, forget the cold hardwood floors!

Minimalist Design 

An effect alarm clock that doubles as a rug, helping you can clear room space and it looks great in any room despite its function.  Placed on the floor, you can clear room space from your other clocks!

Effortlessly Become an Early Bird

The true beauty of Ruggie is that it helps you get out of bed earlier, helping you become an early bird. As the saying goes, “The Early Bird Gets The Worm.” It’s no secret early risers are often linked with success. There are many benefits to rising early, and many of the top performers in sports and business take full advantage of it.

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(25 customer reviews)


(verified owner)

Great product and great aftersale service. The product was easy to set up with a clearly explained manual and whatever questions I had were answered within 24 hours. After a while, unfortunately the sound stopped working. Ruggie immediately sent a replacement and followed up the parcel constantly, literally to the point of notifying me the moment it had arrived at my residence. They made sure I was a satisfied customer, which I really am. And whilst I manage to sleep through any alarm clock I bought, Ruggie wakes me up. Well done on the creation of this product.

Ben Tan

Great product


(verified owner)

This gadget is amazing! Wakes me up every morning. But it doesnt have an app so it cant set the alarm by your phone – only manually..

Ana Nemirovsky

My son wakes up with it and I hope Ruggie will help him in the future.

Sami Noor

The Ruggie is super helpful for those who are heavy sleepers and for many who hate waking up on a cold wintry morning. It is definitely a great addition to my day and I’m quite glad to have invested in it!

Kennedy M.

Lost the instructions and submitted an email from the website asking for assistance. Got an immediate response that got us up and running. Now have had almost of full week of my son waking up on his own and not being grumpy. Great product, great service.


After I ordered my Ruggie alarm clock, I was worried the order wouldn’t arrive on time for a birthday so I emailed the team on a Saturday afternoon asking about shipping. I received a reply within minutes advising that they’ll make sure it arrives at time. It got here 5 days before my request date and the product is incredible.

Highly recommend this product for the innovative design and exceptional customer service. Kudos to the team and, in particular, Christian!


(verified owner)

This thing is excellent! I have gone from a world champion snooze button specialist; to an early-bird worm hunter …. recommended!

Christopher Arias

Christian (Ruggie’s customer service rep) was a pleasure to work with. My package was delayed in part due to Hurricane Irma as well as my error in putting the wrong zip code on the shipping address. Christian worked tirelessly to track down my Ruggie, even calling the post office where it was last known to be and speaking to the contact who I gave him. His communication and updates throughout the process were friendly, clear, and consistent. You guys clearly care a lot about customer experience! Always refreshing to see companies that can turn a customer going through a difficult situation into an advocate for your brand. Also, love the Ruggie! It’s going to be a big help in helping me wake up for a new role I just accepted with an early start time.

Shaw T.

Woke up in time to have breakfast for the first time in years, feel much more organized and ready in the mornings without the ability to snooze my alarm

Crystal Santiago

I bought this a few weeks ago and it is fantastic. I am in the military and was sleeping through my alarms, which is not the best recipe for a good career. I decided to try this out as a last ditch effort before i got into any real trouble and it is fantastic. I wake up instantly and i am ready to start the day.

Jayna McElderry

I actually get out of bed and get going! Well worth the money. No more hitting snooze. Wish I had found this earlier.

Lindsay Freeman

This actually woke my son up! There has not been an alarm that has worked, but this has been great.

K. Maloney

This thing gets me out of bed. Is absolutely the most annoying alarm clock that exists. I highly recommend it. Make sure you use download the software extend the time you have to stand on the mat if you have real issues getting up and going back to bed. I have it at 30 seconds. Which is a very long time to get alarmed at but it works which is my priority.


Only had this product for a few days and it is really working out well for me. It looks just like the pictures and is just as soft as advertised. I was afraid it wouldn’t be loud enough but that was not the case, it woke me up right away and I stayed awake. For someone like me I recommend that you set up the advanced settings to change how long you need to stand on it for it to turn off and the times of the alarms.(3 seconds is the factory setting, I changed it to 12 seconds) The advanced settings are really easy to use. Super happy with my purchase.

Danny G

Been very fantastic & I now I have gotten up early without a problem.

Declan Murphy

Vastly improved my morning routine.

Micky Y.

Experience so far has been excellent, before usage most of the time I didn’t wake up by the previous alarm system I had. Plus it helps me get up faster, wake up better.

Taysia B. Shaw

My Ruggie definitely has helped improve with my morning routine, I wake up in time to have breakfast for the first time in years and feel much more organized and ready in the mornings without the ability to snooze my alarm

Brad P.

Ruggie has been great. We have a special needs son who was very hard to get out of bed in the morning and with the Ruggie, he has to get up and step on it to turn off the alarm. This has made his morning much better and gives him a sense of independence that he can have his own alarm and respond to it when it goes off.

Brianna Purdy

It’s been so much easier to get out of bed in the morning because of my Ruggie. I can wake up on time every time. But I would like to see it being travel friendly.

Deha Butler

Getting up in the morning has become easier, the inspirational sayings have improved my experience. Love my Ruggie!

Susann Just

I love my Ruggie. Even though it’s pretty loud, it helps my husband to get up easier.

Kyler L. Cook

Ruggie has helped me take charge of my mornings and my life. I now wake up at 5:30am (2 hrs earlier than previous) and have time to further my goals before heading into work.

Annija Marta Cvetkova

Definitely helped with my morning routine! At first, it was still hard, the first thought is to crawl back in bed, but after a week my body already knew, that when ruggie is calling, it is time to start my day. For sure, it is better to wake up always at the same time not changing the morning-wake-up-time every evening, but this – getting out of bed to turn off that annoying alarm sound – works anyway.

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