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Why Used Advanced Settings?

Enjoy these 3 Awesome Functions!

1. Wake Up to Your Schedule

Wake up at different times every day of the week? No problem! Set two different alarms for every day of the week!

2. Customize Your Countdown

Standing on Ruggie for 3 seconds wasn’t enough to get you out of bed? No worries! Prolong it to up to 30 seconds!

3. Daily Affirmations

Wake up to customized affirmations by yourself! One small positive thought in the morning can change your entire day. Simply record and upload your own customized MP3 files from your computer!

Wake Up to Your Best Self!

Don’t have time to create your own morning greetings?

We have a library of Pre-made FREE ones you can use to upload to Ruggie!

We suggest you create your own, for a greater effectiveness.

But if you can’t… just use ours!

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