How Ruggie Works

How Ruggie Works

Better Mornings for a Better You.

Unboxed and Ready in under 5 Minutes

Getting started with Ruggie is easy. All you need are 3 triple A batteries and you’ll have Ruggie up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Designed to help you enjoy easier, happier and better mornings. No more losing to the devilish snooze button.

We understand how tricky that sly button is, it lures out our inner lazy self with excuses after excuses, until we snooze away our precious mornings.

Well not anymore! Ruggie is here to help you win back your mornings, and take control of your day!

Start Your Day Winning, Just Get up!

Your New “Automatic Wake Up Response”

We all have an automatic wake up response, what’s yours?

Most reach for snooze button immediately when the alarm sounds.

Some actually turn off their alarms, but struggle to get out of bed.

Meanwhile, a group of rare super humans just get up and start the day on their feet. like they’re some kind of high performance robot.

With Ruggie, you need to get up to turn off its alarm. So naturally, you start every day on your feet as your automatic wake up response.

Waking up to Positivity

Training Your Powerful Mind

It feels great to start the day with someone reminding you why you’re awesome.

It makes you happier, increases your outlook on life, and gives you that boost and confidence in achieving your goals.

This is what Ruggie does. It’s like your personal cheerleader! Keeps you out of that negative funk.

You can upload affirmations, empowering quotes, or your own personal life goals for Ruggie to greet you with every morning.

Making it Effortless, Forming a New Habit

3-4 weeks is all it takes

When something is a habit, we do it effortlessly. No will-power needed, no difficult decisions, we just do it because we like it.

The awesome part? All it takes is 3-4 weeks of doing something to form a new habit. (Much easier said than done)

With Ruggie as your new alarm clock, you’ll be getting out of bed early and positively every single day!

Before you know it, you’ll have formed the healthy habit of early rising and positive thinking!

Becoming Aware of Snoozing’s Side Effects

How snoozing holds back your potential

We’ve all done it, snoozing! Sure it feels great for 10 minutes,  but this short lived pleasure has lasting effects which can affect our whole day.

Here’s what sleep experts agree on snoozing:

  • Makes you feel more tired and groggy (Sleep Inertia)
  • Feelings of grogginess can last 30 minutes to 4 hours
  • Hurts your decision making ability and overall performance
  • Increases Stress (being late, rushed, busy commute hours & more)
  • Confuses your sleep cycle, making you more likely to snooze in the future

When you snooze you are basically telling your subconscious mind “It’s OK not to follow through what I intend to do today.” 

Sure it’s OK once in a while, but doing this everyday severely holds back your true potential.

“Why does it make me more tired?”

“The early morning has gold in its mouth.”
~Benjamin Franklin

Taking Control of Your Mornings & Your Life

Experience your true optimized self

There’s a reason why the phrase “The early bird gets worm” is so widely known. It’s because being able to wake up when we want to gives us immense benefits for our body and mind. Benefits from Early Rising:
  • Increased Willpower – Our willpower works like a battery, it slowly dwindles throughout the day as we make more and more decisions. Snoozers waste it fighting the snooze button and losing. Early risers use it fully charged, giving them better decision making abilities.
  • Freedom from Morning Rush & Stress – Early risers have plenty of time in the morning to prepare and thrive. Stress coming from being late, rushing, being stuck in busy commute does not even cross their mind.
  • More Time for YOU – The morning hours are a peaceful time, before our obligations and everyone is still asleep. Its the perfect time to truly reflect on yourself with a clear mind, make plans and take action to bring yourself one step closer towards your goals.
  • Increased Productivity –  With more time, energy and will power. You’ll be able to tackle demanding tasks easier compared to later in the day. This is why many writers do their best work in the morning. Studies have also shown students who wake up early get better grades.
  • Better Sleep Quality – Morning routines keep your wake up time and sleeping time consistent, allowing you to sleep easier and better . Snoozers on the other hand keep confusing their sleeping patterns, resulting in hard times falling asleep, and poor sleep quality.
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